• mileshimmel

The Importance of Police and Community Relations

I have been interested in national security and law enforcement, studying both as a Political Science major at the University of Southern California and subsequently while obtaining my Juris Doctorate degree at the University of San Diego School of Law. In 2016, I had the privilege to attend the eight-week City of Coronado’s Citizens’ Police Academy. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with different areas within the department and learn how they work and why they do what they do. I am hopeful that, post Covid, the current Chief of Police reinstates this program. It is an excellent bridge between the police and the citizens of Coronado. I am also a big supporter of the foot patrols that the police have been doing in the City and the periodic handing out of masks to non-mask wearing tourists. I support continuing and expanding the police foot patrol program in the Orange Avenue Business District, as well as in the City’s parks and at the beaches. It is clear the citizens of Coronado desire more enforcement of the City’s ordinances and that a frequent police presence would be beneficial to the citizens as well as the local businesses. Foot patrols also allow for non-confrontational relationship building between citizens, business owners and officers. Further, the City may also want to consider hiring Street Ambassadors in the Business District for heavy tourist times to provide reminders of no smoking, no biking on the sidewalk, free masks, etc.

Finally, Coronado is a strategically-located city with a large and vital military base presence. Though it may seem like traffic enforcement is the main thing we need to worry about, it is important that the Police Department be prepared, in conjunction with military police and security, for potential serious threats. It is essential that Coronado support the Police Department’s preparedness. In 2017, I was selected by the Department of Justice to attend the FBI’s Citizens Academy Program. The multi-month program was eye opening and covered important information. Upon graduation, I became a lifetime member of the FBI Citizens Academy Association. I am an active member and regularly attend law enforcement and security briefings by Federal and local agencies. I hope to utilize my experience and knowledge on these issues on the City Council in service to Coronado.


Paid for by John Duncan for City Council 2020