• mileshimmel

Toxic Sewage And Toxic Social Media

Updated: Aug 24

The USMCA was signed into law, providing over $300 million in funding to attack the untreated flow of millions of gallons of toxic sewage. The new agreement went into effect on July 1, 2020. While the implementation of these funds into a solution will, frustratingly, take some years, this funding is something Coronado should be celebrating! However, there is a small group that has consistently derided Coronado and Council. There were two basic approaches for Coronado to choose from: First, Coronado could join cities in suing the IWBC to enforce the Clean Water Act or, second, seek a diplomatic approach working with the administration in an attempt to seek a consensual resolution short of adversarial litigation.

Coronado worked long and hard with advisors on this issue and while choosing the diplomatic approach, decided to also enter an agreement with Imperial Beach to provide $50,000 to mitigate the cost of litigation. I have no problem with the preference that City Council should have joined the lawsuit. However, I do not approve of the recent candidate statement that not joining the IWBC lawsuit “was/is one of the most shameful actions Coronado has ever taken.”

The lawsuit is now voluntarily stayed by the Plaintiffs due to the funding success. We are neighbors. I strive to teach my children and children I have coached that, win or lose, shake hands. This is a win regardless of how we got here!


Paid for by John Duncan for City Council 2020