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Meet John Duncan

I am excited to announce my candidacy for Coronado City Council. I am an attorney with over 25 years of experience in business, finance, asset management, and real estate law. Having raised my four children in Coronado, I greatly appreciate the culture of Coronado and the friendly people, distinctive small businesses, historic homes, and welcoming community. I'm running for office to protect and preserve Coronado. Coronado is facing serious issues that are critical to our future, including the potential loss of local control to outside governing bodies.

I am a strong believer in public service and giving back to the community.  In 2020, I was appointed to serve on the Coronado Civil Service Commission and recently was elected Chair of the Commission. From 2016 to 2019, I served on Coronado’s  Bicycle Advisory Committee, including a term as Vice-Chair.  I volunteered in Coronado for more than a decade coaching children in soccer, softball, and baseball, as well as serving on multiple Boards of  Coronado youth sports leagues. It is important to me that Coronado protect youth activities in Coronado, and it is particularly important now given the difficulties they have faced during the pandemic.

I am a Director on the Board of Directors of the Coronado Historical Association and serve as Chair of the Heritage, Investment, and Building Committees.  I enjoy working with the amazing Coronado citizens that focus on knowledge and preservation of Coronado’s history through lectures, exhibits, and activities such as the annual Historic Home Tour.  Also, I have personally preserved and ushered numerous properties through the Coronado Historical Resource Commission to designation as Coronado Historical Resources.

Safety is also one of my top priorities. I am a Director on the Board of Directors of the FBI SanDiego Citizens Alumni Academy and serve as Chair of the Governance Committee and the Academy Functions Committee. For my service, this year I received recognition from the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI San Diego Regional Field Office which stated, “Your dedication is above and beyond and it is individuals like you who help the FBI in meeting our mission…I have included my SAC coin as a recognition of your excellence and leadership.”  As a Director,  I attended all sessions of the recent 2022 FBI Citizens Academy as well as other briefings provided by the FBI.  Prior to my role as a Director, I attended the Coronado Citizen’s Police Academy in 2016, as well as the FBI Citizens Academy in 2017 as a participant.  It is absolutely necessary that we support the people that keep our community safe with the proper resources and understanding of security issues. 

I received my BA in Political Science from the University of Southern California, and I graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1995 having served as the Constitutional Law Chair on the Appellate Moot Court Board.  I also studied law at Oxford University. I have been a managing partner of both small and large law firms, including building a law firm from a few attorneys to over 100 attorneys with 12 offices in 10 states. I have negotiated both multi-million dollar business deals and legal settlements. I also run a small business investing in real estate. 

These skills are essential as the Coronado City Council navigates complicated challenges in the coming years. I will be a strong advocate to preserve as much local control as possible instead of ceding it to outside regional and state governing bodies.  We must fight to stop outside agencies from implementing unreasonable impositions on Coronado such as SANDAG’s massive housing density increase of Coronado’s already dense community.  We must carefully navigate the planned local takeover and control of Coronado’s major streets to resolve traffic congestion and improve safety, while improving the Orange Avenue corridor for small businesses and citizens. We must continue the fight to keep Coronado beaches safe from sewage and environmental contamination. 

My wife Peggy and I met in our first year of law school and we have been married for 24 years. I am the proud father of four children - Connor, Emma, Tara and Colin.  Connor is a rising Junior and Presidential and National Merit Scholar at USC.  Our wonderful triplets, Emma, Tara and Colin, are rising Juniors in high school with a passion for academics, sports, and music.

I am committed to preserving Coronado for future generations. We are facing issues that require a complex understanding of the law, finance and assets, combined with the dedication to listen to and fight for our community.  I am a hard worker that has the necessary skills and experience to represent you.  I humbly and respectfully ask for your consideration and support for my candidacy for City Council in the November election. 

Endorsements and Community Support

"When deciding to vote for a candidate for any office, I make an assessment of their demonstrated values, the positions they have taken over time, and their accomplishments. I tend to go on what is a known quantity based on a candidates engagement, knowledge, substance, consistency and effectiveness. John Duncan is just that candidate. Over these past weeks, the public and I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming City Council elections. In my opinion John Duncan stands above the field. His honest, pragmatic, thoughtful and hopeful insight into our community’s challenges and needs, and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns, sets him apart from the other candidates. I am writing today to express my support for his campaign."

-David Landon, Community Leader

"I strongly endorse John Duncan for City Council. I have come to know John through his volunteer service to Coronado. He has served two terms on the Bicycle Advisory Committee and is currently the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission. He has proven his love and loyalty to Coronado through his volunteer service.  If that isn’t enough, he currently serves on the Coronado Historical Association Board of Directors. I know that when John states he is going to work to preserve Coronado’s,“Small town charm” and strive for local control of our zoning and roads, it is not just a campaign slogan. He means what he says and his actions will prove it.  John is an experienced attorney; his legal expertise will be a great asset to our City Council.  Please vote for John Duncan, a proven leader!"

-Phil Monroe, Former City Council Member and Coronado Cays Community Leader

"My wife, Margaret, and I have known John for two decades. As the named partner of a law firm representing large financial institutions, I first became aware of John when he was a young attorney building an impressive reputation in Federal Court.  A few years later, I met with John as I had heard he may be starting his own firm and his reputation with clients, judges and attorneys remained stellar.  After that meeting, John and I decided to become law partners in our own firm.  We agreed to have John as a Managing Partner early in his career.  It was a great decision. The law partnership exceeded both of our expectations. We have an outstanding relationship and our families are close friends.  In fact, visiting John’s family in Coronado is what spurred Margaret and I to buy our home in Coronado years ago.  I have full confidence and trust in John’s commitment to Coronado and his skill in complicated administrative, financial and legal matters.  He is an honest, trustworthy leader and problem solver. The Coronado community would be extremely fortunate to have John serve in office and work for us on difficult issues.  My wife and I wholeheartedly endorse John Duncan for City Council."

-Jerry Moss, Community Leader

“I had the pleasure of serving with John on the Bicycle Advisory Committee.  I found him to be deliberate, thoughtful and community-centric.  He will be very good for Coronado.” -Dan Orr

“John Duncan is a truly good person with a heart for our youth.  I think we are fortunate to have someone like this represent our city.  I strongly support John for City Council.” -Jeff Farrell

“John Duncan is a true professional who will help Coronado move forward.  We need to not look in the rearview mirror, we need leaders who will progress us into the future.” -Dan Boyle

"I have known John Duncan for over a decade as a dedicated coach for our children, a neighbor and friend.  In my years of law practice, I have also come to know John as a skilled attorney with a sharp legal mind and excellent problem solving skills.  His professionalism will be a major asset on City Council.” -Bob Frances

“As a military veteran of 20 years, who has raised my children in Coronado, I know John will put our community first.  He has the experience and leadership to fight for Coronado and to strongly represent Coronado’s interests on outside agencies, such as SANDAG.” -Aaron Vernallis, USN ret.

“I have known John for years as we raised our children here in Coronado.  A great person who will be a tremendous asset on City Council.  Thank you, John, for stepping up!” -Diana Elia